Get tickets at your price.

It’s simple, no one wants empty seats! Here’s how it works.

Name Your Price opens up the market place. Ticket Vendors can sell their tickets through the nypTM app and customers can bid to get the best price.

Name Your Price

Blink and you’ll miss on 1000’s daily tickets. Bid and get your price for your next event!

Get Good FEELS!

Better prices same event. Test the market at your leisure and grab yourself a deal on your next ticket purchase!

Save, share, enjoy

Offer on behalf of a 'group' or as an 'individual' - it's down to you! Download the app and get started


Increase ticket sales through opportunist customers. Accept fees at your disclosure, unanimously.

Get bums on seats!

Better match days, more music ambiance — people make events a success. Increase sales easily.

Huge reach

Drive interest online through our extensive database that can be targetted to your specific audience.

A sell out in minutes!

Vendors can by-pass the middle man and offer tickets direct to your audience at a price that satisfies both you and you as the purchaser.

nypTM’s unique management platform allows vendors to set prices, sell individually and raise or lower price in a moment!

Soccer to ballet,
Madonna to Taronga

any event
at your price!

    Be the guy or girl that got the GREAT deal!

  • You bid at your price.
  • Last minute floor fillers every time!
  • You’ll definitely get more friends ; )

Customers reported improvements across the following business areas, on average:

Increased Team Productivity 80%
Increased Workplace Happiness 70%
Improved Engagement in Workplace 90%

Perks helps you recognise and reward your team.

  • Retain key staff and reward performance.
  • Survey & check-in on workplace happiness.
  • Incentivise through goal based rewards that fit your business.

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